Slit-Scan Camera Photography made easy!

Free program to make timeline images, aka slit scan or streak images.
Bluebells by David.
Turntable still life using using this program.

Now you can use your DSLR or any other video or image sequence to create timeline images.

It seemed obvious to me that all you needed to do was take some video and then process it to create an image - searching the internet, I found nothing so I decided to write a program to do it.

I have written a utility that allows .MOV files to be converted. You can control the slit position (any horizontal or vertical row on the frame) or the "slit" can scan the frame. There are some other helpful controls. The image is generated dynamically on the screen and saved as a .TIFF image file. It should work in Windows, Mac and Linux.

It should not matter what frame size your video uses. To get the most resolution (pixels) it makes sense to use your camera sideways, "portrait" orientation so you can get 1920px in "full HD". The other dimension is time so the frames per second (my camera allows 50fps, with reduced frame 1280 x 720) and length of video will determine the width. Some cameras allow more fps (latest Go Pro?) and video size and I hope Magic Lantern will allow greater video width, but I haven't tried any of these,

There is also a version that can use a sequence of still images instead of video. This cn allow higher resolution, but then you will need relatively slow moving subjects. Ideal for slowly rotating objects.

My first attempt

Download Details: Click Here

I am pleased to say people have been using the software with great success and I will be adding some more user results here soon.

Please come back, I am still building the site: started: 28th November 2012. Last update 30 August 2013.

Martin Dixon

For more on slit-scan photography see:
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Jay Mark Johnson Images from a very special camera.
Jay Mark Johnson
Bryan Mumford Inventor has made turntable and images. Apparently sells some gadgets to help make these.
Ted Kinsman Science images, some are trurntable type streak images.


I have started a forum thread here at where we can discuss and improve the program and website, show our best images etc. is a great forum for photographers, I recomend signing up (free!).

Several people have reported good results and I have seen a few great images.

Support the project!

I am not demanding money, you are free to use his slit scan program for free, but if you would like to support the project, I'd appreciate it - paypal to